Researching peoples stories and places that interest me, seeking and hoarding source material and curating my own interpretations of time and space are some of my favourite things to do.

I work using both analogue and digital collage techniques at times incorporating my original paintings into the final piece.


Women's History Series

Courage Calls To Courage, We're Not free Until We're All Free

Earlier this year we marked the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act. The 1918 Act gave the vote only to women over 30 and certain privileged female groups

So I just want to say that YESSSS it was a great first and important step taken towards the ultimate goal of political equality for the sexes in 1918, and it feels like a FANTASTIC cause to celebrate this year and an opportunity to raise awareness on a variety of issues that women are still encountering.




Down At The W.S.P.U(A Night On The Tiles) - Thank You Amelia Scott

In 1913 the WSPU [The Women's Social & Political Union], was started at No.11, The Pantiles. available to purchase were: campaign badges, posters, games, cakes and sweets. 

If You Can See It, You Can Be It

I attended a talk hosted by my local Women's Institute (I LOVE my Wells Angel Grrl Gang and I'm a proud member). 

The talk was delivered by a representative for a charitable organisation called Girl Rising. As I sat and listened, learning more about the amazing work they do to get the 6 million (at that time) girls denied access to education into schools across the globe I just became so inspired. We watched a chapter from the film they produced that shares real girls stories in such a heart twanging way and I was so overcome with emotion.

I am mother to two daughters so seeing other girls struggle to obtain something that we in this country take for granted had a real effect on me!


What Glass Ceiling? - Thank You Rachel Beer

Rachel Beer was the first female editor of a Fleet Street newspaper.
She edited the Sunday Times and while her husband was unwell with Tuberculosis she also edited his paper too whilst nursing him.

Sex On The Beach - On The Sands With Colonel Barker

This print is inspired by the story of Colonel Barker, you can learn more about the back story from the wonderful book about her life book by Rose Collis, I highly recommend it!



The New Woman - Thank You Sarah Grand

Sarah Grand’s work dealt with the ‘New Woman’ a phrase coined by Grand then used by others in both a positive and negative context.
Her work examined the failures of marriage which made her unpopular with some.