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Kit Forrest, Artist, Creativity Coach, Creative instigator, ideas mentor, kent london

A bit more information

Hullo, I’m Kit!

I’m a lover of all things creativity, I wholeheartedly believe that creativity and connection are two of the keystones of what makes us human and it’s my mission in life to instigate as much creativity in those people who’s paths I’m lucky enough to cross.

I really don’t care if you have never felt able to call yourself creative before… if you feel it even a smidgen inside you then I will help you to build your confidence and to explore where you want to go with it.

I get all the feels from working with people like you on your ideas, projects and dreams. I know what it can feel like to have SO many ideas and to never feel like you are able to do them justice, or to not know which one to pick first.

Have you always wanted to see where your ideas could lead you?

Maybe you’ve (like me) told yourself some stories around your ability to make things work, about being able to finish things, maybe you tell yourself that you don’t have time to focus on your creative ideas because that’s just self indulgent and you have too much work, bills to pay or loved ones to care for?

If ever you’ve felt like you wanted a space to bounce around ideas, to talk about the parts of your creative process that aren’t serving you so well right now or someone you can set some goals with and be supported on reaching then I’m your gal!

Do you have stories rushing around in your head that you’d love the world to read? Or concepts and ideas that you dream of seeing in print?

I love working with writers and am no stranger to the fun and games of working through creative blocks.

Maybe I’m not the person for you…

I’m probably not for you if, you’re not quite ready yet to get shit done, to really do the work. We’ll be working on small and manageable steps to get you where you want to be, I’m all about those micro movements but I totally understand that you have to really be in the right headspace to do this work… if you don’t quite feel like digging into this stuff yet then feel free to sign up anyway because I’ll be sharing lots of free supportive resources that might help you to move closer to where you want to be.

If you’re not an identifying ally of women/Feminists and if you’re not on occasion partial to a spot of ‘woo’/instinct led working techniques. I’m very comfy talking about the ebb and flow of creativity in alignment with women’s natural cycles and also with open and safe conversations about the relationship between our sexuality and our creativity.

If you’re not on board with everyone deserving an equal space/opportunity to be at the ‘table’ as it were then I’m not your people.

If you’re looking for some art technique classes/workshops to learn how to create beautiful things then I’m not for you either. I do have plans to create some creativity instigating workshops but they will be very much process based and not focusing on the aesthetic outcomes. You’re very welcome to sign up below to stay in the loop about those.

Okay, so you’re still reading? What can you expect from me if we work together?

A bit more about me…I’m a drink from a chipped mug (that may or may not also have traces of watercolour paint in it when I’ve used the wrong vessel to clean my brush) kinda creature. I talk out loud as I write (I can’t work in public spaces haha) so there will be typos and grammatical nonsense from time to time and I love Gifs and emojis, I over use brackets and exclamation marks; I embrace all that in myself. But, if that stuff turns your tummy, pulls on your love of great writing then I get it… but I’m probably not for you.

My clothing of choice is usually my fave pair of paint stained dungarees (unless I’m ‘peopling at an art event) and I’m frequently a bit dishevelled looking but I am FEROCIOUSLY passionate about filling our world with as many creative identifying people doing great things as possible and I will go all out to back you on your journey.

As Chase Jarvis likes to say (I love his interview with Brene Brown on this) ”CREATIVITY IS THE NEW LITERACY”

I, Like them I believe that this stuff really does have the potential to change the world person by person!I’m ready to meet you where you are right now with zero judgement.

SO, if none of that scares you off and you want someone who will cheerlead you on and gently kick you up the bum through those moments of procrastination, overwhelm, indecisiveness, self sabotage, self doubt and total fear then YAY lets do this!

Sign up below to receive creative process tips and tricks from me and to be amongst the first to hear about the ways we can work together.