Courage Calls To Courage We're Not Saved, Till We're All Saved.

Courage Calls To Courage We're Not Saved, Till We're All Saved.

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Courage Calls To Courage - We’re Not Saved, Till We’re All Saved.

Inspired by the women’s suffrage movement, the individual stories of the women and men who fought so hard so that we in the United Kingdom can have the opportunity to vote today.

The title of this work is taken from a quote by Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett, she features on the right hand side of the work (just beneath the showgirl).

Millicent Fawcett was a Suffragist (rather than a Suffragette) and took a less militant role in the campaign but was a consistently relentless campaigner and a huge influence in the eventual decision passed through parliament beginning the passing of bills giving us the privilege to vote that we have today.

You can learn more about Millicent Fawcett and the others featured in this work here (opens in new window)

Each print also comes with a further reading booklet and an identification key so that you can learn a little bit more about some of the campaigners featured in the work.

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I'm a big lover of social history, which still makes me chuckle because at school I really did not enjoy studying history at ALL!

"Courage calls to courage everywhere, and its voice cannot be denied." - Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett GBE (11 June 1847 – 5 August 1929) British feminist, intellectual, political and union leader, and writer

I'm not sure when the shift happened but I can remember being invited to participate in a group show in 2014 that my friend was curating about Popular Icons and I began to look at my local history to see who had lived in my home town of Tunbridge Wells that I could use as inspiration while working with some of my long collected and much treasured vintage local postcards and I spotted some women who's names just jumped out at me so I began to look them up and before I knew it I had fallen down the rabbit hole. Through my research I realise that they had all made their own mark on Women's History and at that time I couldn't find much online celebrating them so I decided to thank them and make them my own Popular Icons. 

I had so much fun researching and creating those works and I'm very grateful that I fell down that rabbit hole because I have since started research folders on a growing number of inspiring women, I am excited to finally begin to celebrate their stories and to have this space to be able to share them with you all.


Earlier this year we marked the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act. The 1918 Act gave the vote only to women over 30 and certain privileged female groups

So I just want to say that YESSSS it was a great first and important step taken towards the ultimate goal of political equality for the sexes in 1918, and it feels like a FANTASTIC cause to celebrate this year and an opportunity to raise awareness on a variety of issues that women are still encountering.

This centenary celebration has the power to start up important conversations but I also want to remember that back in 1918 not ALL women were given the vote, and not ALL women got the vote on the same terms as men. 

The rest of the women in the UK had to wait another decade and when I looked at the dates from around the world when other woman got the chance vote (and let’s not forget that some still don’t) then it really affected me. 

I wanted to create a piece of work that would celebrate the collaborative efforts of a variety of Women’s Suffrage campaigners. 

Though they had their own complex histories and weren’t necessarily working side by side amicably toward the common goal but it felt only fair to try to capture a snapshot. 

I just know I could keep adding and adding to this image because with every new person I begin to learn about I just all further down the rabbit hole!

It is merely a dot on the landscape of amazing women who deserve to be celebrated. My starting point when selecting some of the initial women who were a part of the Womens Suffrage movement was to dive into my sketch book under the list in the front titled 'Women I'd Like To Eat Brunch With'. 
Yes it's a catchy list huh? Spoiler alert: I will be working on a series of that title soon just you wait and see and I'm very excited by it) 

EXTRA: This print will come with a paper print out detailing some of the amazing women featured in this print with some very basic sources to allow you to learn their stories. I will be adding more sources/research as I delve deeper while making more work about some of these and many more inspiring women.

This work serves as a mere introduction and brief of some incredible women. The included A5 further reading booklet is a very brief overview of cut and pasted information and sources, yes there are most likely typos in it but I really wanted to share a leap off point for anyone else who might like to join me in celebrating some awesome women. I know how much I enjoy further reading links so I couldn't bear to not offer any.

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