Kent Inspired Collages


I'm a big lover of social history, which still makes me chuckle because at school I really did not enjoy studying history at ALL! 

I'm not sure when the shift happened but I can remember being invited to participate in a group show in 2014 that my friend was curating about Popular Icons and I began to look at my local history to see who had lived in my home town of Tunbridge Wells that I could use as inspiration while working with some of my long collected and much treasured vintage local postcards and I spotted some women who's names just jumped out at me so I began to look them up and before I knew it I had fallen down the rabbit hole. Through my research I realise that they had all made their own mark on Women's History and at that time I couldn't find much online celebrating them so I decided to thank them and make them my own Popular Icons. 

I had so much fun researching and creating those works and I'm very grateful that I fell down that rabbit hole because I have since started research folders on a growing number of inspiring women, I am excited to finally begin to celebrate their stories and to have this space to be able to share them with you all.

kit forrest The Daily Commute Tunbridge Wells Collage Kent History
kit forrest toad rock Tunbridge Wells collage Kent History
kit forrest Saturday Afternoon tunbridge wells History
Kit Forrest Grand Hotel Brighton Collage Sussex History
Chain pier Brighton watermarked.jpg
kit forrest Sarah Grand Tunbridge Wells Collage Kent History
Kit Forrest  RACHEL BEER Tunbridge Wells Kent History
Kit Forrest Amelia Scott Votes for women Tunbridge Wells.
Kit forrest Sissinghurst Castle Collage Kent History
Kit Forrest Brighton Pavilion Sussex Collage