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It's great to have you here, some ice breaking facts about me. I'm an artist really excited by all things painting and Women's stories. When I'm not doing that then you can find me  with my mentoring hat on, probably drinking (way too much) tea and hanging out with some of the brilliant feminist founders in my free online 'Work In Process' community group.

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There's lot's more being added to this site very soon

I've not long built this new space, it's still in construction mode so I have no doubt that you may stumble across some typos, missed words and broken links.

Please bear with me, I'm building lots of newness behind the scenes and when I'm done there will be a lot more information about my work, there will be a new studio shop and some ways that you can work with me if you have any exciting ideas that you'd love support with.

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Love, Kit x

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