I had aspirations to write the most captivating, endearing About Me that I possibly could, it's been swirling around in my head along with at least twenty other ideas for amazing projects.

The plan was to wow and amaze you, it was to be filled with witty anecdotes and delightful insights, instead I guarantee you that you will find typos (spell check is used but sometimes let's me down!) and missed words, I'm Autistic and my writing style is very much 'stream of consciousness' waffle... I get very nervous when communicating but I've been hiding my words for way too long for fear of having my writing judged as 'non- professional' I would never want any one to put off taking a creative leap for fear of judgement so here I complete with all my grammatical imperfections.

In my dream scenario, by the time you'd read to the bottom of this page you may have even decided you liked the sound of me enough to then go off and explore the rest of this site, maybe enjoying my artworks, maybe having your curiosity sparked about working with me enough to unleash your most creatively playful self!

But, no matter how long I sit here for I just can't seem to do my dream About Me page justice, it's become so overthought and caused so much procrastination now that it's time to launch this site and I still can't seem to write what I want to say.

So, I will instead share with you some lists of the things that light me up and get my creative juices flowing as a way of helping you to get to know me a bit more.

This is my 'Thinking Face'


Impromptu conversations about things that matter are an absolute joy, I love that they can happen absolutely anywhere too! On a bus, with a neighbour or a stranger at a party. I've had some of my best ideas from moments like that!

New stationary and/or art supplies, a new journal always makes me happy!

Supporting anyone to reclaim their creativity in whatever way works best for them.

I love learning, books just seem to 'fall' into my shopping basket, I often have several online courses on the go at any time and I have vast collections of respurces that I've loved collecting and organising. I used to see this as a bit of a useless thing to dedicate so much time to even though I loved it but it is coming into it's own these days, I LOVE sharing resources with people and creating further reading booklets to accompany my artwork is a total joy! When I hear from those who have bought my work and they tell me how much they appreciate learning about the people in their prints it makes me very, very happy.

In my art practice I investigate and create auto biographical artwork discussing events and themes such as motherhood, identity, mental health and family alongside my found imagery collage work exploring women’s history and my love of the seaside towns in Kent & Sussex, I really love doing that. 


All things nervous systems & Neurodivergence are one of my special interests, I'm never happier than if I can combine my love of this with any chats about flow/resillience/creativity.

Following on from above... I'm often happiest when chatting about how every single human on this planet has an infinite supply of creative thought power and ability within them, that we all have the basic aptitude, creativity is a learned behaviour that we can all grow and develop with practice. It isn’t limited to the visual arts, to music or writing, it’s in the way we connect the dots, invent solutions in our businesses, the way we choose to use our words to support and hold space for others. It exists in so many forms.

When we harnesses this combination of creative thinking and doing has the power to transform every area of out lives and how we see the world. I could literally talk about this subject for a long time, so if we ever meet in person feel free to start a conversation with me about it, it’s the best way to get me over my social awkwardness! 😂

You may have already noticed that I change my hair colour a lot...


Self compassion 

Radical compassion for others - unconditional positive regard for everyone, the belief that everyone is doing their best with the tools they have. 

That every human has value, no matter how they choose to live their life. 

To try to adopt a curious, creative, playful mindset where ever possible, Radical Creativity is within us all. 

That all feelings matter, whether they feel nice or deeply unpleasant they all matter and deserve whatever space they need. 

Hi there!

PROUDEST 'DID I REALLY DO THAT?' (non motherhood related) EXPERIENCES 

Training for and subsequently running my first half marathon in central London which is a place I’d been to scared to visit for a number of years during a dark period of mental health. 
I now use this as evidence when my brain tries to convince me that I can’t do something/something feels too big/scary. 

This was taken after a particularly gruelling training run on a very cold day!


I'm Autistic, ADHD, with Auditory Processing Disorder (I prefer 'differences') for me it means I can struggle to communicate in a neurotypical way, I may have some sensory struggles to work with amongst other challenges but it's also helped me to enjoy being creative, something that has brought me so much joy.

I have very little vision in one of my eyes, it's no biggy though to me as it's always been that way, it just means I walk into things sometimes ;0

I also have Aphantasia, not related to my non-working eye, which basically means I have no 'minds eye', I find it really interesting so will be writing about it more. (learn more about what that is here - (Blog post coming soon) opens in new window) 

I collect vintage postcards and have over 200 in my collection now 

and here are my feet... another fact about me, I'm very messy when I paint, it's pure sensory joy for me!