New Work

New things

Date: 3/12/2021

I make my collages as a way to help me to regain a small sense of control in a world that I have no control over, I find a sense of calm in the process. It's playful and light and helps me to switch my brain off.

During the pandemic I have valued my collage practice more than ever. It has provided me with a much needed, light hearted and playful way to exercise some control in such chaotic, uncertain times.

Even though I'm not (yet) releasing any prints for sale (not long though I hope) I really wanted to share some of what I've been working on because it's brought me so much joy.

The new paintings are very new, still wet actually in places, they feel like a great reflection of what's going on inside my head right now, behind the scenes here we have a lot going on and being able to get playful with some colourful mixed media has been very helpful for me as I do some internal processing.

I'm not sure where these new works will take me but I'm enjoying having them in my studio and after almost three years away from painting I'm very happy to feel inspired. Those three years have been really challenging for me personally so it's been great to have the urge to play again.

I hope you like them, it always feels a bit scary sharing new things but if living through the pandemic has taught me anything it's that it's good to do scary new things sometimes!

Studio Shop plans

I hope to re-open my studio shop soon and am exploring sustainable ways for me to release some selected works back into the wild again.
If you have been waiting patiently for me to figure this stuff out THANK YOU, it gives me so much joy knowing that my work is out there all cosy in your lovely homes.
I really hope to be able to offer that again soon.
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Lots of love
Kit x